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Last Update: 2014-04-15

Soerries Landscape Gardening & Architecture
Qi-Gardens-Gärten, the new garden style

• The expression Qi-Gardens-Gärten was developed by the gardening and landscape architect Barbara Sörries-Herrnkind and Olivia Moogk, feng shui expert. It describes the symbiotic relationship between landscape gardening and the principles of feng shui, nature, art and culture.

• It can be easily exercised: The solid planning for the garden right from the beginning, which needs to be adjusted to the wishes of its respective owners, combined with the knowledge of feng shui and conformed to the law of craftsmanship, will give you full and long-lasting satisfaction with your new garden.

A Qi-Gardens-Garten develops! A "holistic garden"!

• Qi (or Chi) means vital energy and activating energies which can also be experienced in a garden. The word “Gardens” traces back to the era of the English landscape gardens. Again those were created under all aspects of geometrical garden forms close to nature. They shape the natural form of garden and landscape planning & the garden and landscape composition of today.

• "Gardens" also means: To use the knowledge about the gardens of the respective epochs especially for your own garden and implement it! Right after finishing the project the value of your garden will increase (thus your garden will also be an investment!), it will give you security and make you fell comfortable – both the inside and the outside are a shared space of living.

• The expression "Qi-Gardens-Gärten" means to obtain a natural area which does not only include aspects of art and culture but also invites you to "nibble from it". Easily to be looked after, garden work becomes a hobby again because it becomes manageable and causes joys again!

•"Qi-Gardens-Gärten" are to support the positive flow of energy and give power to people

• We can hand on the perception of energies, which we obtain and absorb either consciously or unconsciously from the environment we are living in.

• Our perceptions of the world around us - colouring, shapes, sounds, smells, arrangements – are based on various vibrations. These resonances can be positive or negative.

• Kinesiological test methods (with your arm) support the statement, that we are weakened by disharmonised external effects (this can for instance be an edges directly pointing towards your direction). Whereas harmonious sights & positive external effects supply us with energy and inner stability.

• Through the lack of a positive flow of energy and energetic blockades illnesses can more easily develop. This disturbs the balance of your body.

• You will experience positive flows of energy in your professional and private environment if the arrangement of your space of living – indoors & outdoors – is based on the laws of nature and with proportional commensurability.

For me it is pure recreation to perceive the gift of nature and to absorb the changes of the seasons. Barbara Sörries-Herrnkind

Because thoughts are energy, we give energy to the things we are concentration on.
(Thought are energy, this means vibrations)
G. Conzelman